Friday, 14 January 2022

Hello, Again

Is anyone still out there? Wow, it's been a really long time since I last dusted off this account.

I've recently been in touch with a few friends from my old blog(s), so I thought it might be time to drop by with some news and updates.

Deep breath... I'm thirty years old now 😅 for perspective, I think I was about eighteen when I started *whispers* that one goth blog. I'm also a mum, I have a gorgeous little boy who is three years old. I'm legally married, though our ceremony has actually been postponed a bunch of times due to COVID - fingers crossed for May this year.

I've been blogging very quietly and secretly for just over a year under my middle name, and that blog has grown into a little memoir, which will be published by Moon Books this November and is currently available for pre-order (I am incredibly excited!). My content now is much more personal and quite different to what I was posting here back in the day and therefore may or may not be of interest, but you can find me at:

Katrina, Consumed


Moon Books


The blogosphere has changed quite dramatically since I was last here, but if anyone is still around from the good old days, do come and say hello :)

Best wishes for 2022 to you all!


  1. Hello :)

    I'm also occassionaly blogging but it's been years since my last update. I'm also a mum now :) Congrats on your book.

    1. Thank you so much! :) and congratulations too on your little one! It's so nice to see that some of the same people are still inhabiting these spaces!

  2. Hi Amy! I have been following you since far far ago. The gothic blog you had.
    Is it something that is changing here. You are not the first I see to write a new post for a while. Are we tired of short snippets and longing for the amazing blog community we once had?

    1. Hello! I remember you very well (in fact I think I am following you on Instagram). Isn't it amazing how much the internet has changed in just a few short years? I do miss the close-knit community we used to have.